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Treasure Caves Treasure Caves Rated Stars Help Kirby get the treasure! Puzzles - Other Boing Boing Santa Boing Boing Santa Rated Stars Santa Kickups! Keep santa off the snow for as long as you. Skill - Other Blockworm Blockworm Rated Stars Guide the falling egg blocks to form complete worms! Puzzles - Falling 3D Deathrace 3D Deathrace Rated Stars How far into the forest of death can you survive? Fighting - Brawler MinfigZombieTowerDefence MinfigZombieTowerDefence Rated Stars Tower Defence with lego Zombies! Arrrghh! Jump n Smash Jump n Smash Rated Stars Jump n Smash the evil robots! Zorbatron Zorbatron Rated Stars Control your Zorb to collect power ups and avoid obstacles Grid Memory Grid Memory Rated Stars A puzzling memory tile game, watch the path drawn, then repeat the path. Can you beat all Crashland Crashland Rated Stars Find the missing crystals on the alien planet to repair your spacecraft. Zombies_ Zombies_ Rated Stars It's shotgun time! Canal Danger Canal Danger Rated Stars Make it through the canal collecting points and avoiding dangers! Music_ Music_ Rated Stars A simple music player / recorder Pinball_ Pinball_ Rated Stars A simple pinball game Offroad Offroad Rated Stars Collect all the icons before time runs out in this isometric driving game. Cavern Run Cavern Run Rated Stars How far into the space cavern can you make it? Bowling_ Bowling_ Rated Stars Knock as many pin balls out of the circle as you can over 10 rounds Trampoline_ Trampoline_ Rated Stars Bounce Terry higher and higher! Skeet! Skeet! Rated Stars Shoot the skeets! Breakit 3 Breakit 3 Rated Stars Break the bricks! Drive_ Drive_ Rated Stars Use the arrow keys to steer, speed through 5 levels collecting all icons. Asteroids_ Asteroids_ Rated Stars Use the arrow keys to steer, and space to fire. destroy all meteors to progress! Informative Centipede_ Centipede_ Rated Stars Kill as many centipedes as you can! Meteor_ Meteor_ Rated Stars You must defend moon base alpha from 5 waves of meteors that are heading to the moon! Space Ace 2 Space Ace 2 Rated Stars Aliens have invaded, fight them off! Fire Away Fire Away Rated Stars Try to hit as many things as possible! Top Shot Top Shot Rated Stars Throw balls at the targets and get the target score! Gyrustake Gyrustake Rated Stars Use the left and right arrow keys to move and space to fire. Shoot all the enemy ships! keyracer keyracer Rated Stars Race the computer to end of the track ... using the whole keyboard! pBall pBall Rated Stars How many hits can you get? Plumber 3 Plumber 3 Rated Stars Connect the pipes! Hangman_ Hangman_ Rated Stars The classic game of Hangman, made Terry style Gem Gem Rated Stars Collect all the gems! Roadkill_ Roadkill_ Rated Stars This is just a basic frogger clone! kickit kickit Rated Stars Kick goals while knocking over the mannequins! blokz2 blokz2 Rated Stars Blokz popping fun! Minefield_ Minefield_ Rated Stars The classic game of minesweeper, remade Terry Style. Labyrinth_ Labyrinth_ Rated Stars Escape from the Labyrinth! Snowboard Snowboard Rated Stars Use the mouse to steer the dood through the course! Escape_ Escape_ Rated Stars A slide puzzle game, help the king peice escape! Supertank_1 Supertank_1 Rated Stars Drive the tank through enemy territory! Mousetrap Mousetrap Rated Stars Drag the cheese to guide Terry's mouse safely home through 10 trapped & electrified mazes Virus_1 Virus_1 Rated Stars Viruses have invaded, how long can you last!?! Crystal Mines Crystal Mines Rated Stars Slide boulders and clear plants on your quest for crystals. Solitaire_ Solitaire_ Rated Stars The classic game of Solitaire, made Terry style. Strategy - Other DNA DNA Rated Stars Connect the DNA nodes from the star and #1 up to finish the strand before time runs out flipit flipit Rated Stars A flipping tile puzzle game to stretch your brain! Puzzles - Other Sudoku_1 Sudoku_1 Rated Stars The classic game of Sudoku

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