Entry #1

I'm back!

2008-05-09 09:00:23 by terrypaton1

Well after over 2 years I am back submitting the games I've been making since I've been gone. Now web technology has caught up a bit and allow me to track my games and make a little (and I mean little) amount of money from them too. I hope you enjoy my work that I am now setting free on the net!


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2008-05-10 13:28:26

I like your games.

terrypaton1 responds:



2008-05-11 06:33:12

yo man!! i thought i remember ur name, i used to like ur game i think its meteor or something, but anyway, congrats on the comeback!!

terrypaton1 responds:

Well, I hope you like some more of my games, I have a whole bunch, and more on the way. Thanks!


2008-05-14 07:00:29

your a really good animator hope you make some money from this

terrypaton1 responds:

Thanks very much, I love doing this!


2008-05-20 18:48:14

Goods to hear I enjoy all of your games and when I see the hat logo on start up I know it is going to be good. Welcome back

terrypaton1 responds:



2008-05-21 13:54:53

Hi Terry Paton, I'm Matt Paton.



2008-06-01 06:26:33

your games rock:)

terrypaton1 responds:



2008-06-01 06:50:22

wow you do a lot of games!
Why don't you try to do a long game instead of doing lots of minigames?
I'm not saying that you're very good doing games, but you could do a longer one.


2008-06-02 07:43:09



2008-06-15 05:28:38

Lol I wanted to say that I'm not saying that you're very bad doing games.
lol sorry

terrypaton1 responds:

Ha! No problem, I got what you meant. Thanks. I get a bored bored making longer games, I like the satisfaction of making short ones!


2008-07-30 21:47:11

Your games are awesome Terry Paton! I hope you can put a highscore system on them.
But still they are awesome!


2009-08-10 21:08:38

awsom so what else will you make

terrypaton1 responds:

I've made a few more! woot!


2010-06-13 13:18:16

I always loved your icon.